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Corderio Motorsports
GT1 Corvette
This is the official website for Corderio Motorsports. We are currently in the process of building a GT-1 C5 Corvette. The website is the documentary of the process from start to finish of this grand adventure. 
This Corvette is now for sale via an eBay classified ad.
Being sold for personal reasons and work requirements.
  1. Always buy a Corvette
  2. Truck hooked-up the night before
  3. Garage Pic
  4. Martini
  5. First Official Picture
  6. In the Trailer!
  7. America
  8. Title 9
  1. The Purchase: November 7, 2015
    The day we went to Orlando, FL to bring her home. Only a little excitement (LOL) until the real sparks starting flying at the house, aka when I tried to burn the trailer down with the car inside.
  2. The Website: March 3, 2016
    When this website was created to document this adventure.